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Cork Flooring

As cork floors installers and suppliers we can install cork floors in your home or commercial premises. Cork flooring has long been used in areas where comfort is required. Cork floor tiles can be fitted in bars to reduce breakages from dropped glasses etc. Now a cork floor can be a real asset in your home too.

The idea of installing cork flooring may be particularly appealing when considering how to surface a bathroom or kitchen. Cork flooring bathroom suites makes the floor soft and yielding to bare feet and cork surfaces are naturally water resistant. Natural cork flooring is also warm, tactile and visually attractive. Call LRS Flooring to install cork flooring in your home.

Cork floor installation need not cause much disruption or be unduly costly. In fact cork flooring price ranges are often as competitive as many other wooden flooring and hgih quality laminate solutions. The tiles are easy and cost effective to replace when damaged and the natural texture and pattern of cork tile flooring means that LRS Flooring's professional repairs are almost invisible once completed.

Commercial or domestic flooring can be fitted in a variety of colours, textures and styles. We offer a variety of cork floor covering options for your kitchen, bathroom or other rooms.

Please call us now for more cork flooring info for your homes or commercial environment. Alternatively use our online contact form to send us your cork flooring related query here.

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