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Commercial Safety Flooring

LRS Flooring are able to fit safety flooring of the highest standard – helping to protect you, your customers and visitors from slips, injury and breakages.  All safety flooring brands installed by us have undergone inspections and scientific testing to assess their slip resistance.  The flooring we use is categorised at the minimum of R10. (The scale goes from R9 – R13). We would be happy to discuss with you the precise nature of the work that is to be carried out on your flooring and talk through the options in terms of greater slip resistance, up to R13.

We have fitted safety flooring for supermarkets which are major household names, including areas surrounding deli counters. Dentists waiting rooms and surgeries, doctors surgeries, schools and nhs and private hospitals also contact us about safety flooring. 

Restrooms including disabled toilets and bathrooms can also be fitted with safety flooring by our experienced flooring fitters.

Safety Flooring at Work

 Offices, factory walkways, workplace canteens, mezzanine areas and platforms can all have safety flooring installed.  Warehouses, logistics centres and distribution sites, mail sorting areas can also benefit from safety flooring.

Cap and Cove flooring

We can install cap and cove flooring which comes up the wall 100mm. This makes the flooring, (particularly in hospitals and commercial kitchens) easier to clean, more hygienic, less prone to trapping dirt or becoming harbourages for pests, debris or litter.

Safety Flooring For Commercial Kitchens


We install safety flooring and slip resistant flooring in commercial kitchens, canteens, restaurant walkways, hotels and other leisure and hospitality-related buildings.  Areas where children may be more prone to slipping such as children’s activity centres can also be supplied and fitted with slip resistant flooring.

Please contact us for more information UK-wide on Freephone 0808 166 2175.

Residential Care Home Safety Flooring

We are able to help you with appropriate flooring for residential care homes and also care of the elderly wards.   For more information call free on 0808 166 2175 or email


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